Water for dental treatment

WP-2828-water for dental treatment - antioxidant reduced water"!!

Water for dental treatment-
Are RO water and chlorine content safe?

What is RO water?

As water from reverse osmosis (RO) water purifiers used for the purpose of removing bacteria is acidic water of high oxidizing power, in which the second bacterial growth is speeded up, it can have a much higher risk of infection compared to tap water.

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What is the reason that water purifiers to remove chlorine (Cl¯) and hypochlorous acid (HoCl) remaining in tap water have become standard equipment recognized universally?

It’s because “chlorine (Cl¯)” out of “calcium hypochlorite (Ca(OCl)₂)” put into water to prevent bacterial growth generates hypochlorous acid (HoCl) by combining with organic matters in the water, which in turn generates trihalomethane (THM) that is a carcinogenic substance due to chloroform (ChCl₃).

Consequently, inhaling substances like chlorine, hypochlorous acid and ozone (CO₃) or hydrogen peroxide (H₂O₂) can be a deadly danger.

Drinkable "water for dental treatment - antioxidant reduced water"!!


  • Water for dental treatment

Invention patents registered

  • Alkaline (hydrogen) recued water generating filter

  • Antibacterial sterilizing block filter and ceramic balls


  • Passed tests by the water quality standards of the the Ministry of Environment, Korea

  • Obtained permission as a reduction water purifier and KC certification

Drinkable “water for dental treatment – antioxidant reduced water”!!

The oxidation phenomenon of water stagnant in water supply tubes of a dental chair and narrow water outlets of handpieces forms biofilms like fur or moss, which results in bacterial growth.

Infection of dental water is because oxide films are formed and subsequently germs grow rapidly as the duration the water stays in water supply tubes is prolonged, and we can say bacterial growth in the tubes is the result of increased turbidity due to oxidation of the water.

Thus, the only way to block bacterial growth is to improve the structure of filters and water purification so that antioxidant (SOD) substances can be generated and continuous antioxidant power can be preserved with strengthened sterilizing power by converting the high oxidizing power of water into reducing power. The reduction water purification system WP-2200 not only gives benefits to oral health by providing safe and sanitary dental water but also is a product fused with new technologies that has obtained permission of water purifier along with successful drinking water quality tests based on the notification of the Ministry of Environment.

Special filter manufacturing technology for generating the dental treatment water.

  1. Applying the technically functional materials as generating the antioxidant that converts high oxidized water to reduction water.

  2. Applying the technically functional materials as maintaining antibacterial power that remove bacteria instantly when water pass the filter.

Dental treatment water generator - WP2828
Characteristics of the antioxidant reduction water purification system

  • Composed of a new-concept 3-stage filter that has 4 functions in one filter

  • The dense clusters of water molecules provides stability as they are penetrated deep into living body (cells).

  • Generates antioxidant substances and increases pH by the strengthened Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) function

  • Rapidly removes free oxygen radicals (O₂¯) generated due to tension and pain in treatment

  • Generates OH radicals harmless to the human body while creating sterilizing power to germs

  • The energy amplifier by the N pole’s magnetic force maintain the converted dental treatment water’s functional effectiveness.

Protection of bacterial growth, preservation of antibacterial activity