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Characteristics of water purification exclusively for both cooking water and drinking water

The Return-Q water purifier exclusively for cooking provides fresh water good to the body, and if food materials are treated with reduced water, their freshness is preserved for a long time and you will know it changes the taste of dishes.

Strengthening the antibacterial sterilizing function/ Increasing minerals and alkalinity/ Generating hydrogen and hydroxyl ions/ Generating antioxidant substances/ Restraining oxidation and increasing reducing power/ Forming a dense water molecular structure/ Effect of surface activity

Return-Q: a water purification system helpful in prevention of food poisoning

Return-Q GM-306 provides not only fresh drinking water beneficial to the body but also cooking water that maintains freshness of food materials and keeps the unique taste and flavor of food as it generates hydrogen reduced water rich in minerals along with high antibacterial activity helpful in preventing food poisoning.

What is a Return Q cooking water purifier?

Return-Q – a pure and fresh cooking water purifier that has an excellent capacity of removing hypochlorous acid (HoCl) and toxic substances (impurities, organic compounds, etc.) left due to treatment of water with sterilizing chemicals.

Return-Q – a cooking water purifier that the water ionized by an even distribution of minerals (calcium, magnesium, natrium, iron, etc.) owing to natural ores heightens the taste and flavor of food and provides benefits to the health.

Return-Q – a cooking water purifier having clean effects that makes washing food items (food) sanitary because the molecular structure of water is very small and dense and that makes it possible to maintain freshness of food and keep it for a long time.

Return-Q – a cooking water purifier that provides beneficial drinking water as antioxidant substances, which are created through the effect of Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) by hydrogen generation, remove free radicals

Return-Q – a cooking water purifier that provides safe water. The generation of OH radicals (hydroxyl radicals) by strengthened reducing power causes strong antibacterial power. At the same time, ecofriendly antibacterial materials (raw materials) by antibacterial metallic minerals gives vitality to lactic acid bacteria and creates high antibacterial sterilizing power against viruses, bacteria and pathogenic food poisoning microorganisms.

100% non–detection of 5 kinds of germs at the continuous antibacterial tests of 100 days for the germs by an authorized testing agency

Ecofriendly antibacterial effect recognized by United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the first time in the country !!

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